Environmental Sustainability

W.C. Heritage is committed to the protection of our environmental sustainability during the design, manufacturing and installation of our custom made shutters and blinds. One goal is to reduce deforestation and cut down on the carbon footprint output of products. That is why W.C. Heritage custom made wood shutters are made and acquired by United States Department of Forestry and United States Department of Energy Suppliers and Timber suppliers that adhere to the “Sustainability Forestry Initiative” that approved to log in Federally approved areas certified by the U.S. Forestry Department.

The goal of the W.C. Heritage Shutter and Blind Environmental Sustainability program is to promote sustainable engineered systems that support human well-being and that are also compatible with sustaining natural (environmental) systems.  These systems provide ecological services vital for human survival.

W.C. Heritage doesn’t only believe in environmental sustainability; we practice it.  Our entire Supply Chain Eco-system is comprised of partners and  suppliers that have implemented to our environmental commitment.


W.C. Heritage wood is only acquired by Timber suppliers that are approved by the U.S. Forestry department that certified and are members of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.


We only work and use environmental approved paints, varnishes, stains and lacquers that do not present an increase in lead, chemicals or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the air we breath and atmosphere.

W.C. Heritage shutters and blinds has been recognized as the leader in sustainability and in 2016 was awarded the NSF/ANSI 332 Gold Certification for product sustainability with The Plantation shutter design.

W.C. Heritage resilient shutters can be installed without adhesive, cutting down on fumes released into the environment.

Listed below are the Environmental Initiatives and partnerships we have developed over the course of the years.


 Certifications are the independent validation voice of product safety and quality compliance. We just don’t want a customer to be happy with the aesthetic looks of their custom made W.C. Heritage shutters and blinds, we also want our customers to feel the comfort and security that our shutters meet all the regulatory, environmental and industry compliance requirements and ANSI safety standards.

Green Guard

Simply put, GREEN GUARD Certification ensures that a product has met some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. In addition to obtaining to the Green Guard certification, GG also ensures that W.C. Heritage shutters and blinds meet Public schools requirements that our products are safe for children and students.

We also have obtained UL certification, UL No. 2818, to ensure that we exceed Underwriters Laboratories quality control standards.

Energy Star

Energy Star is a government-backed labeling program that helps people and organizations save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by identifying factories, office equipment, home appliances and electronics that have superiorenergy efficiency. W.C. Heritage shutters and blinds that sets and exceeds it’s very own standards to ensure that all of our shutter and blinds products are energy efficient.


W.C. Heritage Shutters and Blinds offers custom treatment solutions for those customers like Schools and Hospitals that have strict health and safety requirements to protect the distribution of airborne germs and microbes. These solutions are imperative where we have large groups of people and students where there is human contact.


ShieldRX is W.C. Heritage Shutters and Blinds  answer to providing special treated anti fungal blind solutions  to customers like Schools and Hospitals that have strict health and safety requirements to protect the distribution of airborne germs and microbes. to students and patients.

NFPA – Fire Retardant

W.C. Heritage Shutters and Blinds offers custom treatment solutions with customers that want a Fire Retardant certified set of shutters or blind that are NFPA approved. Take the comfort of knowing that W.C. Heritage products will help reduce the risk of fire and flammable products.


At W.C. Heritage Shutters and Blinds, we take recycling very serious. We dispose of any excess materials by working with local recycling 100% of any material left overs, and residue.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

W.C. Heritage Shutters and Blinds ONLY works and procures with lumber and timber suppliers that adhere with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative to not violate purchase of lumber and wood that is not approved by the U.S. Forest Service for logging

Green Building Initiative

W.C. Heritage Shutters and Blinds works with suppliers that are members of the Green Building Initiative with goal of reducing Carbon emission

Safer Choice

W.C. Heritage Shutters and Blinds, we have earned the label certification to offer custom shutters and blinds  that are prepared with materials with zero VOC’s chemicals like organic stains and natural oils. The label means that EPA scientists have evaluated every ingredient in the product to ensure it meets Safer Choice’s stringent criteria. When people use Safer Choice products, they are protecting their families and the environment by making safer chemical choices.

United States EPA

W.C. Heritage Shutters and Blinds, has earned the respect of the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency by offering eco friendly shutter and blinds solutions that offer the safest record for commercial, residential and public school use.

United States Department of Energy

W.C. Heritage Shutters and Blinds, is an active partner of the Department of energy, always participating in Technology driven conferences to evaluate and discuss new and emerging techniques on how to improve and make W.C. Heritage shutters more energy efficient

California AQMD

California leads the nation with some of the strictest Air Management requirements in the country. At W.C. Heritage Shutters and Blinds, we are pleased to share, that we are one in a handful of thousands of licensed contractors are fully compliant in the implementation zero VOC’s use in shutters and Blinds.

W. Energy Label

W.C. Heritage Shutter and Blind is the only company in California that takes protecting our planet to heart. So much to Heart, that we have our own Energy Efficiency rating for our shutters and blinds.


W. C. Heritage Award winning shutter and blind designs have made not only won the hearts of our customers, but have made it to magazines like Home &  Gardens, Homes, Luxury Homes and the Robb Report.